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Municipal Wastewater & Odor Control

Tank Lining

Our customer had been performing inspections over the past several years that led them to realize they had a problem with the lining of... read more

Cover Systems

Covers Kenway custom engineers, fabricates, and installs composite cover systems for a variety of industrial and commercial applications... read more

Duct & Vent

As with its process pipe manufacturing, Kenway also custom designs its duct and vent piping systems to suit each application. For highly... read more

Scrubbers & Absorbers

Custom Designed Pollution Control Much like Kenway’s manufacturing of tanks, towers, and stacks, the company offers custom design... read more

Equipment Repair

Immediate Response FRP Tank Repair Kenway’s field service crews specialize in high-quality rehabilitation of worn fiberglass, tile, and... read more


Kenway manufactures proprietary FRP flow control dampers and FRP isolation dampers for a wide range of industrial and commercial... read more

Trench Liners

Kenway FRP Trench Liners are custom molded to fit a variety of trench sizes and grating requirements. We can fabricate lengths up to... read more

Vacuum Relief Valves

Kenway Composites can manufacture vacuum relief valves to the specifications of the client’s need. We can custom design the valve to suit... read more

Floor & Panel Systems

Kenway Composites is rapidly becoming a leader in fire safe composite floor and panel systems for light rail and public transportation... read more