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Government & Military




Our Background

Kenway Composites has a very diverse background in the designing of complex government and military projects. Over the past 60-years, we developed our techniques for successful execution and support of a variety of composite solutions. Our strength is manufacturing heavy corrosion resistant products through open contact molding and vacuum infusion.

What We Do

Several major government contractors use our capabilities for their projects because of our design, assembly, and delivery of our composite solutions. Kenway remains flexible and we respond quickly to our customers. Our products are for military and government applications on land, sea, or air.

Custom Applications

We design, develop, and fabricate custom composite structures suitable for the toughest and most demanding military applications. One of our designs includes the twisted rudder for the “Zumwalt class DDG 1000 series destroyer”. We also designed the vacuum infused grab bars for all three of the Zumwalt class series Destroyers. The design and construction of the grab bars are for personal protection on the missile hatches.

Submarine Camels

Kenway has many various capabilities which help to aid military projects. Composite submarine camels, fendering systems, and log-style camels are among out purview. We developed several sets of our Universal Composite Submarine Camels for the Navy. Our camels are on multiple US Naval sub bases throughout the east coast of the United States. We design our camels for low life-cycle costs and simple maintenance. Our camels do not need to be “hauled” for at least 25 years.

Our Method

With our in-house design, testing capabilities, and a network of composite-specialist partners, we can analyze applications with sophisticated Finite Element Analysis. We apply an extensive library of physical properties testing and then optimize a structure based on strength, durability, longevity, and cost. Our goal is to continue fighting corrosion with composite solutions to provide our government and military customers with durable solutions.


Benefits of Composite Solutions for Land & Sea

Corrosion Resistance


Signature Reduction


RF Transparency


Ballistic Protection




Low Life-Cycle Cost




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