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Kenway History

Kenway History

In 1947 Kenneth G. Priest, Sr. founded Kenway Boats, building wooden runabouts of his design. The next two decades witnessed the transition to fiberglass boats and other composite fabrications as the company diversified its product offerings.

Gradually, Kenway Boats’ reputation for excellence spread to industrial customers. The need for corrosion resistant custom fabricated pipes, tanks, hoods, and the myriad other individual molded products increased as well. Finally, in 1966, the decision was made to focus exclusively on these industrial clients, and Kenway Corporation replaced Kenway Boats.

As Kenway Corporation continued to evolve over the following decades, what remained constant was the focus on providing the highest quality composite products and the determination to innovate.

Currently, the company and its (70) employees are strategically positioned to serve customers by offering complete engineering and design capabilities so that they may bring both standard items as well as “one-off” individual molded fabrications from the design phase, through the manufacturing phase, to the final on-site installation.

Custom work and customer service are what distinguish Kenway, as it manufactures products for industries such as marine, coal-fired power, infrastructure, pulp and paper, transportation, and renewable energy. Kenway excels at incorporating a variety of manufacturing techniques, such as open-molding, vacuum infusion, prepreg lamination, dry film infusion, high-temperature epoxy, and temperature controlled molding.

What links the company’s various business lines is technologically advanced manufacturing techniques, products manufactured for exacting service applications, and the highest quality assurance procedures and processes.

In March of 2017, Creative Pultrusions, Inc., acquired Kenway Corporation. Kenway is now a division of CPI, a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC.

Location: Augusta, Maine
Founded: 1947
Manufacturing Area: 40,000 square feet
Office Area: 6,000 square feet
Employees: (1) Licensed Professional Engineer
(4) Project Engineers/Managers
(1) Production Director
(3) Production Supervisors
(1) Quality Assurance and Safety Director
(1) Training Manager / Quality Inspector
(1) Sales/Marketing Director
(3) Office Support Staff
(65) Composite Technicians
Equipment: (7) 4 Ton Overhead Bridge Cranes
(8) Field Service Vehicles
(2) 53′ Field Service Trailer
(1) 28′ Field Service Trailer
(1) 5,000 lb Fork Lift
(1) 8,000 lb Extendable Reach Fork Lift
(1) Filament Winder
(1) CNC Filament Winder
(6) Venus Resin Systems
(2) Integrated Facility Vacuum Infusion Systems
(2) 3-Man Confined Space Supplied Air Systems
(1) Climate Controlled Resin Storage
(1) Facility Dust/Odor Control System
Processes: Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)
Hand Lamination
Filament Winding (1″Ø to 144″Ø)
Spray Lamination
Vacuum Bagging
Mold Fabrication
Miscellaneous: AutoCAD 2000
Onsite/Offsite Quality Assurance Program
Onsite/Offsite Safety Program
Employee Development Program
Certified Composite Technician Program
Solid Works 2017