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Control Corrosion of Underwater Piles with Composite Piling Wrap

Our piling wrap can lengthen the life of your existing piles. Repair and protection of pilings and structures built with traditional materials (timber, steel, concrete) is a specialty of Kenway Composites. As piles along waterfront areas begin to rot, rust or spall, engineers, and customers are increasingly looking to FRP as a long-term solution.

With our specialty resin systems and reinforcing fabrics (E-glass or carbon in a range of weights and laminate orientations), we can prevent further saltwater intrusion which causes the corrosion to steel piles or the rebar in reinforced concrete piles. Our piling wrap also prevents marine borers and worms from tunneling into timber piles. Our resin system is designed to be applied above and below the waterline. Our resin will cure in temperatures as low as 55 degrees and up to 100 degrees.


Pile Protection

Depending on the situation, Kenway Composites will design protective fiberglass or carbon pile wrap which seals off the existing pile from the environmental condition causing the degradation to the pile. This preventative measure will stop any further corrosion or decay, and the properties of the parent pile will be conserved.

In situations where there has been more significant damage to the marine piling, we can design a wrap which can recover the piling properties and add structural integrity. Our pile wrapping system works in both fresh and saltwater environments and performs well in areas that see icing in the winter months or UV in summer months.

Our field service crew works with approved underwater divers in your area during the piling wrap installation process. We are happy to assist you in the design of your specific project and pile wrap system needs. No project is too large or too small.

We look forward to answering your questions on our piling wrap installation!

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