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FRP Ladder and Cage Ladder Systems

We design FRP ladder and safety cage ladder systems for use where safe vertical climbing access is required. We can develop a fixed ladder system to meet site-specific requirements while providing corrosion resistance, low maintenance, lightweight, non-conductive, slip resistance, high strength meeting all your needs.

FRP Ladder and safety cage ladder systems are available in Creative Pultrusions’ vinyl ester fire-retardant and polyester fire-retardant resin systems. Our standard color is a highly UV resistant bright safety yellow. The yellow resin system used to build our FRP ladders has been developed by Creative Pultrusions engineering team to outperform all other systems in the pultrusion industry. Click here, to learn more about the improved weathering characteristics of the yellow polyester resin system.

The ladder system consists of 2” x 2” x ¼” thick pultruded square tube for side rails and 1 ¼” fluted rungs, mechanically fastened using ¼” diameter stainless steel spring pins. Standard ladder width is 24”, with the distance between rungs not to exceed 12”. Fiberglass ladders require support back to a wall or structure at an interval of no greater than 6’ 0”. Standard fiberglass ladders are required to be base supported. Fluted rungs offer secure gripping and slip resistance.

Kenway’s FRP Ladder systems are designed to withstand a concentrated load of at least 200 pounds at the mid-point of the rung which exceeds the requirement of OSHA 1910.27, Fixed Ladders. Fiberglass ladders can be equipped with safety cages to meet OSHA requirements. Safety cages are required on ladders of more than 20 feet in length to a maximum unbroken length of 30 feet. An intermediate rest platform is required every 30 feet. Safety cages are required to start at a minimum of 7 foot and a maximum of 8 foot above the finish floor. Cages are required to extend 42 inches above the landing at the top of the ladder.

Our professional engineering team can design an FRP ladder and safety cage system to meet all your needs.

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