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FRP Handrail Systems & Stair Rail Systems

We manufacture FRP handrail systems and stair rail systems in a wide range of designs for corrosive environments found in chemical, wastewater treatment plants and other corrosive environments. The design of our railing can be modified for architectural railing in use in a variety of public spaces, such as aquariums, marinas, hotels and many more. We offer handrail systems as horizontal and inclined in two and three rail system or custom designs. We design a post for side mounting, top base mounted, or removable socket mounted.

Kenway FRP handrail systems are designed to withstand a load of at least 200 pounds applied in any direction at any point on the rail exceeding the requirement of OSHA 1910.23. The system consists of 2” x 2” x ¼” thick pultruded square tube for post and rails connected using 1 ½” x 1 ½” solid bar and 1 ½” round tube, mechanically fastened using ¼” diameter stainless steel spring pins. The height of the top rail is 42” above the walking surface and includes a 4” toe plate. Railing systems are available in vinyl ester and polyester fire-retardant resin systems in a yellow safety color.

Industrial Fiberglass Handrails

Kenway Composites builds fiberglass reinforced plastic handrails with this resin system having the best UV resistance performance in the industry. Many factors impact the life expectancy of a composite handrail system. For outdoor applications, UV degradation is a significant consideration. The engineering staff at Creative Pultrusions has developed an ultraviolet stable bright yellow fire-retardant resin system that outperforms all other systems in the pultrusion industry. To learn more about the improved weathering characteristics of yellow polyester resin system click here. For additional UV resistance, we apply a secondary UV protective coat to the fiberglass reinforced plastic handrails.

Our fiberglass handrails and stair rail systems are reliable, corrosion resistance, non-conductive, lightweight, UV resistant, low maintenance, factory assembled and shipped ready for easy on-site installation.

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