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Composite Wall Panels & Composite Decking Panels

Kenway Composites can supply you with composite wall panels and composite decking panels manufactured by Creative Pultrusions. We design our pultruded fiberglass panels for decks, platforms, walls, and roofs. Fiberglass wall panels are perfect for when a project demands lightweight, corrosion resistance, and high strength attributes.


Superpanel – Pultruded Fiberglass Panels

Superpanel FRP deck panels and FRP wall panels are multi-cellular profiles that can be foam filled for added thermal properties. The lightweight, heavy-duty panels are designed for walkways, driveways and heavy-duty wall and roofing applications.

Many of our customers have discovered that our fiberglass panels reduce their installation time, eliminate future replacement costs, and reduce their maintenance requirements. Additionally, many have seen a reduction in the budget necessary to complete their project.

We can supply you with panels which are painted or made with ADA compliant, anti-skid texture suited for your application. Our Superpanel FRP deck panels and FRP wall panels are environmentally safe and will not leach chemicals. Additionally, our panels are essentially non-conductive, making them valuable when working around electricity or heat.


Composite Wall Panels

Superpanel is available in a lightweight version that is 24” (610 mm) wide by 1.25” (32 mm) in depth. This panel is the ideal candidate for wall panel applications. It has been used extensively for the construction of cooling towers. The lightweight, fire retardant, and corrosion resistance panel is the lowest cost solution for your project.


Composite Decking Panels

The heavy-duty panels are available in 2.5” and 4.5” depths and have been designed to take the rigors of vehicular and lift truck traffic. If you are looking to replace concrete and steel decks with a lower cost solution Superpanel is your ideal candidate!


If you are you experiencing excessive downtime with your current system and have outrageous maintenance costs for up keeping your project, take a look at the SUPERPANEL systems.