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FRP Tank Lining

Our FRP tank lining is made using the best resin systems and reinforcements available. Depending on your project, we can replace tank linings in kind or enhanced for changes in service. Typical service changes include different chemical content, concentrations, or operating temperatures. Kenway Composites has over 60 years of expertise in relining fiberglass vessels in Pulp & Paper and other heavy corrosion industries. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to design a lining system that will restore the vessel to a new condition. Subsequently, the new lining will extend the tanks life for many years.

Technical Expertise

First, our team starts with a thorough inspection and evaluation process of each tank. In addition, our engineers will address any structural issues that may be present due to excessive wear. We have the technical expertise to design and install a structural reinforcement layer in the tank before the application of a new corrosion barrier. Kenway can restore the vessel to OEM design or make improvements to address operational upgrades. This statement is true for both the structural and corrosion layers. Kenway can install double veil, corrosion layers that will improve tank performance and extend service life beyond the original design.

Tank Liners

Kenway’s main experience is in successfully installing FRP liners inside of FRP tanks. In contrast, we work with other structures made of different substrates including steel, tile, brick, and concrete. We have the know-how necessary to install monolithic fiberglass liners onto dissimilar substrates through proprietary anchoring methods. Kenway can install new nozzles, inserts, and manways during the relining process allowing for operational flexibility and improved maintenance access. We chemically bond our liners to any of the appurtenances that we add or repair to eliminate potential leak points.

The technicians at Kenway Composites are recognized by the American Composites Manufacturers Association and are CCT (Certified Composites Technician) accredited. We can provide detailed references about our relining expertise for any size or shape tank in many different applications. If you have any questions about our tank lining process, please contact us.