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Fabricated Structures – FRP Composite Structures

Kenway Composites designs a variety of fabricated structures to last in corrosive environments. We combine our extensive engineering, project management, manufacturing, and fabrication capabilities with Creative Pultrusions! As a result, we can provide you with industry-leading pultruded shapes and components. Our goal is to serve all of your FRP fabrication needs. Furthermore, our experienced team can create your design or work with you to design a turnkey solution for structural fabrication.


Fabricated Structures Include:

FRP Access Structures Mezzanines Equipment Platforms
Maintenance Platforms Suspended Catwalks Raised Walkways
Tank Access Platforms Tank Supports Pipe Crossovers
Stairs Ship Ladders  



Creative provides strong, corrosion resistant, non-conductive, and lightweight structural shapes. We provide design and fabrication capabilities. Correspondingly, it results in the creation of strong, innovative, and competitive products. The Kenway team develops approval drawings, allows you to verify the designs, and meets your project specifications. After that, they focus on providing high-quality fabrication and on time delivery. In addition, or when necessary, we provide required drawings and structural calculation sealed by a registered professional engineer.

Structural Shapes

Kenway uses only Creative Pultrusions Pultex® Standard and SuperStructurals line of pultruded structural shapes.

  • Pultex® SuperStructurals span further and carry a higher load than traditional pultruded I and W Shapes.
  • Pultex® Superstructural profiles outperform all other pultruded standard shapes. The profiles contain optimized fiber architecture and high fiber volume fraction. In other words, it produces a catalyst that makes the Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) better. It is, therefore, superior to all other I and W shapes; they are 43% stiffer than typical pultruded profiles.
  • Pultex® standard structural profiles and SuperStructurals will provide you with the lowest cost solution for your corrosion applications!


Our Process

We manufacture all of our fabricated products. Kenway follows OHSA guidelines and highest quality assurance standards. We fully assemble your FRP composite structures in our plant. After that, we work with you to ship preassembled components. As a result, this minimizes the onsite installation time and cost. Every project gets its project manager. Hence, a single point of contact. We do this to keep projects streamlined and meet customer’s concerns.