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Composite Truss and FRP Truss Bridges

Kenway Composites provides custom composite truss designs and manufactured Fiber Reinforced Polymer FRP truss bridges through Creative Pultrusions. We make our FRP trusses for various applications. For instance, we construct trusses for cases where lightweight, corrosion resistant, and easy installation attributes are necessary.

Our composite roof truss designs are ideal for Howe, Pratt, Brown, and roof type trusses. The FRP composite materials we use have significant advantages over traditional construction materials. For example, we design our beam trusses to be lightweight. As a result, in many cases, they are more cost-effective than large, built-up beam sections.


Our team designs composite truss structures for making the most of the lightweight, high-strength attributes of FRP materials. The Fiber Reinforced Polymer components excel in harsh environments that are known to deteriorate traditional materials of construction quickly. As a result, wet locations, termites, salt, and most chemical environments have little or no effect on the trail bridge structural components.

Kenway can integrate fiberglass truss structures to form an entire bridge and access structures. We custom design each bridge for your environment and loading requirements. You will build the FRP truss bridge system using FRP components that are manufactured through the pultrusion process. These high-strength FRP materials enable a prefabricated pedestrian bridge system with a strength-to-weight ratio greater than steel. Therefore, we offer significant design and erection advantages over traditional materials.


We base our truss section technology on over 30 years of truss building experience. In addition, we base our technology on tests to failure primarily for our engineered connections. All designs are performed based on the ASTM D7290 characteristic design values. This is a requirement of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Our Team

Our team includes professional engineers who custom design and detail your composite truss design or FRP truss bridge project. First of all, we will seal the calculations and drawings. Then, we provide all installation and assembly instructions because we want to ensure that your build is a success!