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Composite Piers & Docks – Marine System Solutions

Composite Docks and Piers 

Our composite piers and fiberglass docks solutions offer many advantages over standard pier construction and materials!

The use of our composite beams and composite pilings with a unique piling cap design allows our fiberglass piers to stand the test of time. Our composite docks and pier system can be installed faster than traditional pier construction and does not have harmful effects on the environment.

What sizes are available?

We work within your project constraints. From a straightforward residential pier to a large commercial loading dock we can size our products appropriately. 

What is the deck surface composed of?

We have built piers which have poured concrete decks for commercial use as well as composite panels for residential use. Depending on the load requirements and the intended use of the pier we can design with most decking materials. 

How long does it take to build an all fiberglass dock or composite pier?

It usually takes less time to build an all fiberglass pier or dock than a traditional timber pier. Typically a lesser quantity of pilings is needed for a fiberglass pier. In the case of a pier which will require concrete fill, there is no need for formwork as the pilings, caps, and beams all function as a stay in place form.

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