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HarborPiles ™ – Composite Piling

Composite piling designed to be the basic framework for building piers, ports, harbors, marinas, and bridges.

What is a HarborPile?

HarborPile is a hollow pipe piling manufactured with fiberglass and resin. Our FRP piles are perfect for a variety of applications such as fender pilings, load-bearing pilings, and marina guide pilings. We design each piling for your specific use.

What are the lengths of your composite pilings?

We have supplied HarborPile in lengths up to 110’ long as a continuous length with no joints or splice.

What are the diameters? 

Standard diameters range from 12” to 42”. HarborPiles have been manufactured up to 78” diameter.

What are they made of?

We manufacture HarborPiles with fiberglass (E-glass) and either a polyester or vinyl ester resin matrix. Typically they have a resin rich outer surface, and a gel-coat applied for additional UV protection. In applications where heavy abrasion resistance is required, they ate sleeved with high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

How do you drive the FRP pilings?

HarborPiles are hollow. This enables them to be efficiently driven using industry standard driving equipment including diesel, vibratory and drop-end hammers. They can be supplied with driving tips or cutting shoes depending on the end use application.

Do they need to be filled with concrete?

In most cases, our composite pilings can be engineered to handle all the project performance requirements as a hollow piling. The fiber orientation of the fiberglass and wall thickness are easily manipulated during the manufacturing process to accommodate the desired loads. However, there are many installations which have used a concrete fill for meeting the desired properties. In these cases, the FRP piles function as a stay in place form.

How can I cut and drill these FRP pilings?

HarborPiles are easy to work with using tools commonly found on any job site. Both drilling and cutting are quick and predictable, and we typically recommend carbide tipped drill bits and saw blades.