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Marine Fendering Systems – Universal Composite Submarine Camels

Universal Composite Submarine Camels

Universal composite submarine camels create robust marine fendering systems. Our composite submarine camels specifically designed to receive any class of US Navy submarine! Our goal is to prevent damage to the vessel and port structures when the submarine is berthed or moored to the pier. The floating camel fenders are engineered to absorb the force of the submarine as it takes position onto the pier and protects it during its time on the pier. These deep draft structures are made of composite materials making them resistant to corrosion and maintenance free. The lightweight nature of composites also allows for easy re-positioning in other locations.

The floating camel fenders are generally 25’ wide by 10’ deep. The camels have internal ballasting which allows for the marine fenders to be adjusted and fine-tuned for the specific locations. The face of the camel is lined with rubber arch fenders to provide additional energy absorption and protection to the sub. The positioning of the camel is performed using cleats and mooring lines which allow these marine fenders to ride up and down with the tides and wave action.


CVN Camels

Additionally, we also offer a CVN (designation for an aircraft carrier with nuclear propulsion) camel. Similar in concept to the submarine camels, we supply these camels as a set of two units. The CVN camels perform the same function of absorbing berthing energy and keeping the carrier a specified distance from the pier. We use a combination of FRP panel construction and steel construction to create these CVN camels.

The design of our marine fendering systems delivers minimal needs for maintenance and provides corrosion resistance in the saltwater environment. Our submarine camels have a platform of approximately 56’ x 64’. Our marine fenders are built in sections for easy assembly when close to the specific naval base. They are held in place with mooring lines and remain at a constant point of contact with the carrier as the tides rise and fall.


Stand-Off Camels

Also, we manufacture large commercial stand-off camels for industries other than the military such as barge loading facilities and port authorities. Please contact us with any questions on any of our lines of floating camel fenders or submarine camels.