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In 2016 Kenway installed a unique culvert lining system for the Maine Department of Transportation in Mount Desert Island (MDI), Maine.

In 2009 Kenway collaborated with the University of Maine to develop a system that allows for the rehabilitation of corroded steel culverts without the excavation of the roadway passing over the pipe. When the need for a culvert lining arose in MDI, the challenges included the type of pipe degradation and the need to install aquatic wildlife passage components on top of the liners. Our system was the only one that met both requirements.

Kenway’s solution had another advantage in its allowance for a minimum invert elevation increase — typically 1.5 to 2 inches total.

The system took less than five days for installation, and it’s expected to last more than 50 years. Many groups involved in the installation were incredibly happy with the results. The contractor finished well ahead of schedule and found the system easy to operate. Perhaps the most satisfied group involved were the fish, who had a new passageway up through the brook.

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