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Custom Fiberglass Trench Liners

Kenway FRP Trench Liners are custom molded to fit a variety of trench sizes and grating requirements. We can fabricate lengths up to 40 feet and will shop-assemble elbows, tees, laterals and other connections to fit your application. The Kenway liner is ideal not only for new installations but also for the restoration of old trenches.


  • Kenway FRP Trench Liners eliminate the need for concrete forms and incorporate steel reinforcing rods to ensure adequate support and anchoring to the concrete.
  • Segments can be joined by gasketed/bolted flanges, adhesive, or field laminated to ensure continuity.
  • Premium vinyl ester resins and hand lay-up constructions methods ensure high corrosion resistance for demanding chemical environments.
  • Ability to pre-slope the trench — ranging in depth from a few inches to several feet — for ease of installation.
  • Ability to bond to an FRP sump liner and ensure integrity throughout the system.
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