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Tank Fabrication, Tower Fabrication, & Stack Fabrication

Kenway Composites manufactures FRP tanks, towers, and stacks. Our fabrication capabilities are built around each customer’s specific and custom design/build requirement.  Our ability to customize the laminate for each application means that every customer receives the most optimally designed tank best suited for their specific service and use.

Our engineers design per the relevant ASTM and ASME RTP-1 tank standards and then Kenway technicians build the vessels following these stringent standards. Kenway utilizes the FRPI (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute) four-step process to eliminate risk for our customers.


FRP Tanks, FRP Towers, and FRP Stacks

Kenway builds FRP tanks for all types of applications including:
• Chemical Storage
• Process Tank
• Seal Tanks
• Scrubbers
• Bleached Stock Towers
• Demisters
• Absorbers

• Horizontal or Vertical
• Flat, Conical or Sloped Bottom
• Installed Directly on the Ground or Supported
• Dual Wall Vessels
• ASME Dished, Elliptical or Flat Heads
• Open Top
• Cylindrical, Square or Rectangular Shape Tanks

Optional Items
• Heat Tracing
• Site Glasses and Level Indicators
• Structural Supports for Agitators and Auxiliary Equipment
• Siphon and Fully Emptying Drains
• Baffles and Vortex Breakers
• Internal Configurations to Integrate Process Equipment
• Custom Hold Downs Designed for any Buoyancy

Kenway Composites can filament wind tanks as large as 10’Ø while our hand lay-up tanks can exceed 24’Ø. We meticulously hand lay every corrosion barrier for each vessel to ensure a void-free laminate that meets or exceeds any standard or specification. Kenway Engineers design each vessel to ensure long service life, excellent performance while respecting every customer’s specifications and budget.

Kenway Composites is skilled at coordinating and executing the field installation for any of the products that we engineer and fabricate. Kenway’s highly competent shop laminators are the same technicians that travel to your job site and perform the work that ensures a successful installation and extended equipment life.