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Fiberglass Tank Covers

Kenway Composites designs FRP cover systems by custom engineering, fabricating, and installing fiberglass tank covers for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. We can design fiberglass tank covers suitable for any loading requirements. These requirements range from necessary climate loading such as snow and wind to seismic requirements. We can design covers to include non-slip walking surfaces as well as vehicle and heavy equipment traffic. Fiberglass tank covers can be custom engineered for any geometry or shape of a tank.

Kenway can design your cover to be air/water tight to keep rainwater and snowmelt out or keep fugitive emissions from escaping the process out into the atmosphere. These covers can also be designed to withstand the loads imposed due to the process being under positive pressure or vacuum. Our FRP covers are very well suited for odor control and HVLC applications where the equipment is tied into an external scrubber system via ductwork that is connected to the FRP cover. These covers are great for protecting your process from extreme ambient temperatures because we can design them with foam or balsa core in the structural layer provided excellent insulating characteristics.

FRP Cover Systems

Kenway’s FRP cover systems are capable of unsupported free spans on WWTP clarifiers more than 80’ Ø. The FRP cover systems are highly corrosion resistant, high strength and weight 1/5th the weight of an equivalent steel cover. The lifecycle cost on our fiberglass covers is low due to the maintenance-free design. You do not need to paint our fiberglass covers or receive any other regular maintenance unlike other materials of construction such as steel.

We can pigment our corrosion resistant vinyl ester resins with any color that the customer desires or we can match detailed color specifications. The fiberglass laminate is the same color throughout; therefore, it maintains its aesthetically appealing look throughout its lifetime.