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Custom Fiberglass Fabrication – Custom Fiberglass Products

Kenway Composites’ can provide you with custom fiberglass fabrication for the custom fiberglass products necessary for your next project. Our expertise offers complete engineering and design capabilities allowing the company to develop custom “one-off” unique molded fabrications. We take you from the design phase, through the manufacturing phase, and then to the final on-site installation. Whether manufacturing a product prototype or a large-scale component for direct process integration, Kenway possesses the full range of composite manufacturing expertise.


We have the know-how and skills required to custom build projects utilizing the most effective methods available specific to thermoset resins.  We work with vinyl esters, polyesters, and epoxy resin systems depending on the corrosion and strength requirements for the project.  The methods that we utilize include the vacuum infusion process (VIP) and open molding typically referred to as hand layup. For the open mold or hand layup parts, we use standard methodologies that include blanket building, filament winding, tape winding, and chopper gun.


Custom Fiberglass Fabrication Projects Include:

  • Components for renewable energy
  • Custom fiberglass products for water and waste treatment
  • FRP water jet intakes for high-speed ferries
  • Safety and drive system components for US naval vessels including the DDG1000 and DDG51
  • Extensive segmented covers for containment of fugitive emissions and protection from elements of nature
  • Prototype components and assemblies for all types of applications requiring FRP material of construction suitable for heavy corrosion applications
  • Modular composite shelter systems that are lightweight, quickly set up and broken down without tools and are transportable on a flat pallet


Kenway Composites is ready to take on your composite design and custom fiberglass fabrication challenges.  We work closely with our customers to fully understand all of the design parameters and customer expectations. Our goal is to deliver the right solution at the right price and on time!