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FRP, Fiberglass, & Composite Culvert Rehabilitation

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) culvert rehabilitation is the latest composite highway infrastructure repair technology pioneered by Kenway Composites for steel culverts exceeding 3’0. Existing HDPE slip line methods or concrete invert liners have extended installation schedules and had multiple negative environmental impacts. Partnering with the University of Maine’s AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center, the Kenway developed a composite invert liner which restores the original structural integrity of the culvert but with minimal environmental impact and a reduced installation cost. By using Kenway’s FRP culvert rehabilitation system, transportation departments can accomplish more maintenance projects with their existing budgets.


Advantages include:

  • Lower installed cost compared with concrete invert repairs;
  • Minimal traffic flow disruption – liners exceeding 100’ overall length fully installed in just 1-week
  • Minimal impact on culvert invert elevation
  • Minimal downstream environmental impact, particularly compared with concrete installations
  • Custom fabricated internal weirs and baffles available
  • Ability to complete culvert inert and/or overhead spot repairs
  • Extended service life
  • Integrated fish ladder options available
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