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Fiberglass Pipes

Composite & FRP Bridge Drainage Pipes & Components

Kenway provides a range of composite bridge drainage pipes and drainage components. For example, standard fiberglass bridge drain pipes, custom bridge drain scuppers, and engineered bridge drain piping and collection systems. Each is highly resistant to calcium and road salt corrosion.

Not only can we supply all standard pipe and fittings, but we specialize in the manufacture of custom configured fittings and appurtenances. Our deck scuppers come in some standard (Type A, B, C….) and custom configurations. We can provide a bar or round grating in stainless steel, galvanized or FRP that meet all applicable ASHTO (HS20-44 and HL93) standards. Our team can build custom collection hoppers to deal with unique situations that can arise when retrofitting old steel drain pipe on an existing bridge structure.

The Design

We design all our bridge draining system components for very long and reliable service life. Kenway adds UV inhibitors and waxes to the resin system to ensure the maximum resistance to the elements. Our team will pigment the resin to match any color that the customer requires and this allows the color to be consistent throughout the laminate. The standard piping that we offer includes a 50 mil corrosion barrier. However, we can customize to suit any specification.

The replacement of existing steel bridge drainage components with durable FRP alternatives increases the service life. As a result, FRP can reduce the overall installation costs due to reduced support system requirements and ease of handling.

Advantages of FRP Bridge Drainage Systems Include:

– Highly Corrosion Resistant to all DOT Maintenance Chemicals
– Lightweight at 20% the Weight of Steel and Iron
– Easily Transported and Handled No Large Cranes Required
– Customizable for any Application
– Very High Strength to Weight Ratio
– Uniform Color Throughout
– Resistant to any Environment Including Salt Water
– Can be Installed Elevated and Direct Burial
– Easily Repaired in Place in the Event of Damage
– Rebar and Support Plates can be Incorporated into the Fabrication


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