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Industries we serve

Custom Manufacturing

Kenway Composites specializes in custom composite manufacturing and designing of different molded fabrications for unique applications.


Regardless of the branch of service or the application, Kenway Composites provides FRP products that solve severe corrosion, durability, and performance problems that exist with other materials of construction.

Heavy Industrial – Field Service

Kenway Composites supports our excellent FRP design and manufacturing capabilities for heavy industry with a full complement of field services including highly skilled technicians and mobile workshops available on a 7x24 basis.

Heavy Industrial – Manufacturing

Kenway Composites has over 60 years of expertise supporting heavy industry and advanced manufacturing with custom engineered FRP solutions.

Highway Infrastructure

Kenway Composites demonstrates expertise in composite infrastructure components, corrosion prevention and structural repairs for highway bridges, pilings, culverts and drainage systems.

Marine Infrastructure

Kenway Composites manufactures FRP products used for marine infrastructure construction, providing the necessary framework for building piers, ports, harbors, and marinas.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment & Odor Control

Kenway Composites provides excellent quality products for water treatment and wastewater facilities including FRP pipe, duct and FRPI (Fiber Reinforced Plastics Institute) certified chemical storage tanks.

Pulp & Paper / Chemical Processing

For over 60 years, Kenway Composites has supported customers in Pulp & Paper, and Chemical Processing with high-quality FRP engineered solutions and competent field services on an around the clock basis.

Structural Fabrication Services

Kenway Composites has the resources and expertise to handle all structural composite fabrication projects no matter size or complexity, delivering outstanding quality, services, on time and budget.


Case Studies

Emergency Services

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Culvert Lining

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